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10 Minutes with the “Fashion Icon”

Have you ever heard about K-Pop? This is the Korean Pop. This is a musical form that  appeared in South Korea at the end of 90-th  in Li Man Su’s easy state of mind. Nowadays K-pop is not only the music but also is youth subculture all around the world that bases on the interest to the contemporary south Korean fashion and style. People are amazed by K-Pop because K-pop as a style combines amazing dances, talented singers and songstresses who attract us with their personality together. One of the most fascinating representatives of  the K-Pop style is a male solo artist and an actor -  Kim Hyun Joong. We are not afraid of our words: he has versatile personality. Kim Hyun Joong is a winner in a great number of nominations , what is more, he has gained a lot of  awards for his oeuvre. Kim Hyun Joong has been rewarded the “Public choice” award as the “Fashion Icon” during the last 3 years in Korea – he has been considered to be the person who established the most contemporary trends for the previous year. Kim Hyun Joong is also known as the person who is non-indifferent to other people. Despite the fact that  Kim Hyun Joong works his fingers to the bone, he respects the work of other people and he is always ready to give a hand to those who need his help and support.


Kim Hyun Joong  is the Asian Star, who is awaited in various countries, among them are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and etc.

The representatives of the newspaper “Pro-Sument Concept” gained the unique possibility to interview this magnificent singer during his Asian Tour and fans gathering in Beijing on 10-th of June  2012. There was no press-conference. Kim Hyun Joong was answering the questions only for the newspaper from Russia. We can say that these were the most unforgettable and heart-pounding moments before his entering on the scene. Kim Hyun Joong was even, self-disciplined and well-intentioned. We can add that he was listening to our questions carefully and answering frankly as it were no sounds of the beginning show heard and as if Kim Hyun Joong needed not to put best foot forward to the audience. Inspective and sharp-witted eyes… Charming voice (we can not name his voice in a different way)… This is for sure that we intended to enquire about many things, but we posed only several questions:

  • Dear  Kim Hyun Joong! There are a great number of  your fans in Russia and they wish to congratulate on your birthday (though this day has already passed).
  • Thank you very much.
  • We have heard in one of your interviews the words that touched us to the hearts  implicating that you will do your best  for the saint of your dream and being yourself. Could you be so kind to tell us: where do you take energy to pursue? Who or maybe what helps you to outstand?
  • I try to concentrate on my aims and upgrade my skills all the time. I am sure that I will achieve my goals and I will leave this idea under no circumstances. Like other people I get tired and sometimes I have challenges, but my fans and admirers help me to keep on working. As the result, it seems to me that my life priorities have enhanced.
  • As far as we know, you have particular attitude to charity. How do you understand the expression “to be a charity provider”?
  • As for me, I can say that the status of a charity-provider does not make any sense. I was brought up in an ordinary family, neither poor, nor rich, I am convinced that a man can do nothing without love in his heart. Many a man have loved me and I appreciate it so much. I do not carry on trade, in the past I was thinking how to give a hand to people and I started to offer oblations for aid to people.
  • As the result of your positive influence there is the rush to repeat your actions in the fans society. Fans wish to make something meaningful, useful and beneficent. Kim Hyun Joong, do you consider the actions of your fans to be important?
  • I believe that donations is rather  good business, what is more a man himself make his mind to offer oblations for aid or not to offer. I can not make people donate. People just act like the person they are fond of. I am sure that if I set the example so in the foreseeable future people will start offering oblations for aid themselves.
  • When we observe your activities and behavior we start thinking that you have the most outstanding agency, manager and team. Could you be so kind to give us some more details about these people?
  • Yes, you are absolutely right, even during this concert a great number of people help me, among them are: lighting operators, soundmen, manager, dancers, wardrobe directors. My concert is not only my personal achievement, my partners and colleagues have got ready the stage for me and I am very grateful to them for their correspondence. I am convinced that the successful concert is our united success.

Natalia Bondarevich,

Tatiana Ten.

P.S. We wished to ask Kim Hyun Joong as many questions as we could, but the music started, the show was beginning and the audience was chanting: “Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!”- and it was clear that our unforgettable meeting was nearly over. The manager of Kim Hyun Joong, Mr. Chi Yun Song, suggested kindly that we made photo with his “person under care”. During these last moments we estimated clearly that right from this moment we started to be sincere devotees of this Artist and Person - Kim Hyun Joong.

At parting returned we many thanks and invited we Kim Hyun Joong to Moscow. The time will show whether accepts he our invitation… 



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